About us

About Us

At Knob Deals, our mission is to offer the lowest retail prices for kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls in the world. We have the best selection of cheap knobs on the web, but only the prices are cheap, not the products! We do this primarily by bringing you a collection of clearance, closeout, and overstock cabinet hardware. All of our products are brand new and  first rate quality. In addition, we carry lots of other home improvement items, like beautiful wall plates to enhance the look of your switch and outlet covers. You can also update your bathroom with amazing deals on high quality bathroom faucets, we have a narrow selection, but our prices are unbeatable.

For our business and commercial customers, we carry huge amounts of inventory and we can satisfy your needs for large volume purchases of product, delivered extremely fast. All of our products are stocked in the US and shipped from the US. No long lead times like sellers shipping from China or other countries on the other side of the world. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable American sales team at 1.888.745.8895. We welcome inquiries from home builders, contractors, hotels, or any business that needs hardware in bulk at great prices!

We guarantee your satisfaction with our products. Everything we sell is first rate quality and all items are brand new. If you need cabinet hinges, door knobs, bathroom hardware or coat hooks, we will have first rate items at prices far below traditional big box hardware stores.

So, we say… “save money, shop at KnobDeals.com!!”

For inquiries or general questions, please call us at 888-745-8895 or email us at info@knobdeals.com.

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